Being a Leader of Leaders


Have you ever tried thinking that “If I was the president of this nation, I would change this nation” Well I usually think of that especially when I was traveling from place to place and seeing a scenario that is displeasing to my eye because the government hasn’t take any action of it. The rivers that were clogged, the heavy traffic and those squatters that doesn’t have a permanent land because of the corruption of the political leaders now. The fire in my heart to lead a country rise up as I think of those scenarios. I want to be leader. I want to take leadership of a country. I want to influence people. Although political science is not my course, I engaged myself in reading leadership books specially those books that are authored by John Maxwell. I also attended Camps where there are team-building activities and seminars to enhance more of my knowledge about leadership. One leader talked to me and say that leaders are not made, they are born. From what he sa, I declare it to myself that I am a leader ever since. I just need to enhance it and to bring it out within my self.

I am dreaming to be a political leader, not just because I earn power and respect but it is a passion that can not be explained. I’d like handling things, in fact handling people from different situation. I love to lead people and direct them to what decisions that should be taken up for them to grow more in the field thay are taking. As I lead people, they can learn from me and I can also learn from them. Seeing myself as a political leader someday, I want to bring down the vision I am seeing right now on how to change the country and the world to for a better place. As I write this essay, the only thing in my mind and my heart is that I want to be a leader of leaders.

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