Icy Fantasy


This is definitely the dream near the top of my bucket list.  One of those things you dare just to imagine, but can’t really believe could actually come true.

Visiting the North Pole. Travelling and experiencing the wonders of that frozen icy world so few of us know.

Sometimes, when I let my imagination wander, I can almost see myself trudging through the thick crunchy snow, feeling the sting of the icy wind on my cheeks, my movements clumsy due to my very thick and very warm North Pole attire.

I want to see with my own eyes the magical flickering dance of the Northern Lights playing across the midnight sky, the eerie, fascinating green glow I have only read about or seen in pictures.

I want to feel the thrill and speed of riding on a dog sled, the exhilaration of hearing the dogs bark combined with the rush of the elements in my face.

And then there are the icebergs. Those huge, monstrous mountains that have been there since the beginning of time, and will probably be there till the end.  Soaring up high into the heavens on one side, and plunging down into those terrifying depths below on the other. I dream of being on one of those ships that take you through the ice to see these wonders from up close, the white ice that is so dazzling that its almost blue.

And the nothingness…just me, bearing witness to the white, silent world.

Categories:   Dreams, Travel