Networking Conference at WDW

This first ever “DizBiz” networking opportunity is a gathering of Disney Entrepreneurs. The goal is to have fun and encourage fellow Mouse enthusiasts. At the same time we’re designing it to test run a new concept in conferences. Our goal is to create a yearly event geared for ALL dreamers, entrepreneurs and idea people who would like to network with each other AND, importantly, be inspired at the funnest place on earth. We’ll integrate the story of Walt Disney World, how it was built, the ups and downs of chasing your dreams and how to keep it fun.

As a person who has pursued different business opportunities, I’ve often wished there was a conference where I could network with like minded folks. I think many folks would like a chance to break away from their normal routine, focus on their dreams and be inspired by others. It occurred to me that Walt Disney World offers a venue unlike any other. Why not take some of those sessions and put them in the parks? Standing in line may never be so rewarding as when you’re meeting others who are pursuing dreams like you. This conference would include..

1. Inspiring keynote by a successful entrepreneur
2. Some break out sessions by industry
3. Guided tours in the parks with lessons from WDW that apply to your pursuits
4. Special networking opportunities in the parks
5. Other opportunities to just enjoy the parks together
5. Opportunities to link up with “DizBiz” business coaches
6. A closing dinner with awards by industry that you can enter to win

AND.. I’d like to use this first DizBiz meetup to put together a team of people who’d like to help put on this conference. When I created Dreamers Empire I made a special connection to the Disney community. I started by interviewing DizBiz folks for a podcast called “The Dreamers Moment”. I really believe that this community of Mouse enthusiasts is the most optimistic group of folks out there, and who better to put on a networking conference for dreamers.

If this idea is something you are interested in just shoot me an email and let me know a little bit about yourself and interests. We’ll have an opportunity to discuss this at the first DizBiz meet-up.

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