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On Friday nights at 6:00 PM EST, Josh & Jenna of ResortTV1 go live in one of the parks at Disney World. The brother sister duo, originally from Indiana, have discovered a winning formula as they interact with thousands of users every week during their magical live streams. Many people have commented on their genuine spirit and consistent family friendly attitude toward their audience.   Join us at Facebook

We are building a community of people who enjoy this emerging live streaming venue, but want it to be family friendly. In short, a place where you can not only view great shows, but interact with the stars that make them! Josh said that the magic goes both ways, he enjoys the interaction as much as the viewers seem to.     Join us at Facebook

We need thousands of people to form this community of live stream enthusiasts so we can build something magical. Never has there been such a unique media venue that allows its users to participate in live shows. Sign up at our Facebook page to be alerted of live streams and whats happening at Dreamers Empire.

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