A Trip through the Galaxy


Back in the 90’s I had an idea after going on Star Tours at Disneyworld. To me this idea demonstrated what was obvious, an attraction that took you to another planet. The picture was drawn by a young man in the youth group I was working with at the time.


You’ll start your exciting journey by entering Spaceport Earth , a monstrous preflight docking bay that succombs to the needs of all galaxy travelers, whether you’re vacationing or strictly on business. You’ll quickly be rocketed miles above the atmosphere to the docking ports of SPACEPORT EARTH in the highly pressurized hyperspace elevators designed for quick travel and little discomfort.

The monstrous docking bay provides a panoramic view of a busy and tightly run docking port, beckoned by space travelers across the galactic frontier. Check out the large screens overhead for destination information, travel guide, galaxy weather , and wonderful vacation spots in the greater Milky Way sectors. Friendly station operators will guide you to the boarding area of your vessel, a craft humble in size only, but highly technical for maneuverability against the larger war ships, and configured for quick jumps to lightspeed.

Once aboard your ship, your vessels pilot will quickly undock and fill You in with the flight schedule. It should be cautioned, however, that with new planets traveling the Milky Way, unexpected encounters and flight changes are possible, but not probable. You’ll have a full viewing of your ride on the front monitor , able to catch some of the un?seen wonders of our galaxy. The ship will eventually port in the city of Los Xentra, on the planet Neuvat.

Superior technology is evident on Neuvat even as you first unboard in the clearance grounds at the Great Gateway, the entrance to the vacation city of Los Xentra. Customs¬†are quickly handled and soon you’ll be escorted through the Great Gateway , the entrance to the awe inspiring grounds of this technological wonder.

The biggest problem you’ll face in the domed city is what to do first. Perhaps you’ll spend your first few moments just taking in the unique scenery found all over the great indoor structure. Alien life are not an uncommon sight at Los Xentra, don’t be surprised if they’re a bit taken back by your strange looks! Unique vegetation, music, and waterfalls will also grab your attention. You’ll soon catch the aroma of a plethora of unique foods as dining is done both in casual and formal settings. You wont want to miss the breathtaking balcony views that look over the different scapes of Neuvat. Now hold on, because this is just a small introduction to the choices that await you!

Enter the exciting Tour of Lusadia , the 2nd technological wonder of the universe. This tour of the near by capitol of Neuvat will not only reveal the genius behind Neuvat, but holds surprises and wonders that dazzle the young and shock the old! The Tour of Jabula visits the only unchartered grounds of Neuvat, and Neuvatians will tell you to take this tour with caution, as the expected sights are few, and the surprises are many! The last tour, the Tour of Neuvats past, is a startling look at the history of the great planet, but one soon finds that history is not only looked back upon in Neuvat, but is also being made!

What’s the last good movie you saw? Bet you havn’t seen the likes of AT GALAXY’S END or THE HEART OF KALUNE, two exciting flicks to catch at the outdoor Los Xentra Theater . Hope you’re not hooked on Classical or Rock, cuz the live music is unlike anything you’ve heard. The magic show offered by the Zaltinians are enough to take Houdini’s breath away. Demonstrations are all unique to the Earth eye, varying from Talchanian ship technology for the technically minded to galaxy fables offered by great warriors taking port (and it should be noted, sometimes hiding) in Los Xentra.

One of the real excitements offered at Los Xentra is Sleybul , the high action arena sport where life forms from all end of the galaxy compete for the “Green Ball”. Opponents gather in the glass encased Dupra Arena armed with roller shoes, a lazer device, and a uniquely designed glove designed to capture the prized green ball, also referred to as the Sleybul. The setting is dark, the course is akward, the targets are small. Once a player has obtained enough points his helmet and life pack turn green in color. This releases the Sleybul and his only goal is to capture it. However, it is at this point the game changes, and the other players set a course to eliminate that player by lighting three lazer hits on that opponents life pack. If accomplished before he gets the Sleybul, that player is eliminated and leaves the arena. The athletes vary in origin, race, techniques, and personality, but all have in common the same goal, obtaining the Sleybul.

Neuvat is considered by most the center of attention for the state of the galaxy, and, with its universal media system, is constantly bringing news from the entire galaxy. That is why you won’t want to miss the Los Xentra media center, the most complex and up to the minute news system in the Milky Way. History is constantly being made through this sometimes humorous yet mostly serious news show offered continiously in the lower level.

It’s said the difference between man and boys is the price of their toys. However, the video games at Los Xentra are enjoyed by all ages, theres nothing quite like them. With the use of holographic images, lazer guns, and command centers, you”ll push your alertness and technique to its edge as you attempt to save the galaxy.

After making your visit to Neuvat you wont have to worry about long lines or even uncomfortable space travel to return home. Just make your way to the Los Iceles transportation room where you’ll be instantly energized back to the deportation room at Spaceport Earth. What convenience!

Its not hard to see that a trip to Neuvat is an exciting getaway, quite literally. Your journey will be met by many new wonders and surprises that hold with them the glamour of an unexplored galaxy. So come and take this new adventure undocking at the Magic Kingdom, you’ll discover the wonders of the universe.

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