Brent Dodge – From Screen to Theme

Brent Dodge is a Disney expert and author of 3 Disney books. He set out to go to Disney World every day for a year, and discovered it would take quite a few years, but gained him some notoriety on the way.

Lori Cheek – Cheek’d & Shark Tank

Lori Cheek went from rejection on Shark Tank to amazing success after her appearance in 2014. She transformed her business Cheek’d and it has grown from a successful dating business to now branching out in the business world.

The Live Place!


On Friday nights at 6:00 PM EST, Josh & Jenna of ResortTV1 go live in one of the parks at Disney World. The brother sister duo, originally from Indiana, have discovered a winning formula as they interact with thousands of users every week during their magical live streams. Many people have commented on their genuine spirit and consistent family friendly attitude toward their audience.   Join us at Facebook We are building a community of people who enjoy this emerging live streaming venue, but want it to be family friendly. In short, a place where you can not only view great shows, but interact with the stars that make them! Josh said that the magic goes both ways, he enjoys the interaction as much as the viewers seem to.     Join us at Facebook We need thousands of people to form this community of live stream enthusiasts so we can build something magical. Never has there been such a unique media venue that allows its users to participate in live shows. Sign up at our Facebook page to be alerted of live streams and whats happening at Dreamers Empire. Sign up at Facebook!

Starting Over

I got on my bike on a Friday afternoon and rode from my home to the Coon Rapids Dam, about 8 miles away. About a mile before I got there I stopped my bike along the Mississippi River, hooked up my Roland R-05 recorder to Mic I attached through my shirt to my collar, to hide the wire. I turned on the recorder and started biking again, figuring the wind noise was dominating the recording, and it was. I felt optimistic about the day and what I planned to do, but I also realized I’d felt optimistic before other ventures. As I was biking and talking into the mic, explaining my plans, an Asian man biked by me, caught me off guard and I got a little startled. I decided this was going to happen many times so I better get used to it. I started encountering other folks and realized I wasn’t saying anything that important anyway. I first went to a spot where I had been before, at a fence on the East side of the river where I’d seen guys fishing before. There were two men sitting at a picnic bench talking, it almost looked like a white guy was witnessing to a black man. They were the only ones there so I didn’t feel I had any prospects to talk to. I was still ok, doing a little more narration. I biked across the dam and saw a couple guys fishing, one looked in his early 20’s and the other was…

Dave Land

With so many Disney related web sites out there, do you ever find yourself taking a quick peek at newly discovered ones without much investigation? After discovering Davelandweb.com I’m learning to appreciate the immense work that some entrepreneurs are doing. Davelandweb.com contains a treasure of both new and vintage Disneyland photos. Along with an entertaining blog and some of his own artwork, Dave is proving that the art of truly great content is perseverence. “My website started as a means to share my art and photography with others; sort of an online portfolio. The creation of my site began around the same time that Disneyland was celebrating its 50th Anniversary. As Imagineers began sprucing up the park and making improvements that hadn’t been seen there in years, I found myself going much more often and taking more photos. I stumbled upon a few blogs that posted vintage photos of the park and as a result, I started collecting those as well. As an additional way to share those photos with others, I began my blog. That’s when the runaway train left the station. It has been quite a journey since then. Over 5 years of blogging and countless amazing friendships and connections since, I have to say that I have been truly blessed with so many serendipitous moments.” What makes Davelandweb.com worth a closer look is the depth of content and attention to detail. “I’m a nut for details. I have tried to capture almost every angle and attraction of Disneyland park, especially the attractions…

Chase the Brony Cop

Chase Hedges dream was to get into law enforcement, but a run in with the law made realizing his dream a lot more complicated. This is part 1 of 2. Click here to go to part 2 of the podcast

Dreamers Empire

When I was a kid, maybe around 9 or 10 years old, I saw a cartoon of Goofy driving a car at Disneyland. Unlike the actual ride, it appeared to me  he was driving all through out the magical park. I was in a state of awed admiration, or wonderment. I asked my mom if we could go there some day  and I think she said maybe, which I decided meant yes. Indeed, in 1974 my family piled into our Pontiac Catalina and drove to California. Besides  getting car sick I have a ton of great memories from that trip. We stayed at a hotel in Reno that cost like $20 and breakfast was a couple bucks  at most, and we loved it. We swam in small hotel pools, played pinball machines, flew in my moms uncles plane over Los Angeles, saw Hearst castle,  but the highlight was Disneyland. Those cars btw, not quite what I had imagined. However, my dad was really impressed with Disneyland and I loved  that he felt that. At the end of the day we had 3 extra E tickets and not only did my parents allow us to ride Pirates of the Carribean one more  time, but they let me navigate my brother and sister there, through the park, on our own. This has to be the peek of wonderment in my childhood. I’m 55 now and my body is slowing down, but not my imagination. I’m happy to discover that there are many folks who like me continue to…