Dave Land

With so many Disney related web sites out there, do you ever find yourself taking a quick peek at newly discovered ones without much investigation? After discovering Davelandweb.com I’m learning to appreciate the immense work that some entrepreneurs are doing. Davelandweb.com contains a treasure of both new and vintage Disneyland photos. Along with an entertaining blog and some of his own artwork, Dave is proving that the art of truly great content is perseverence. “My website started as a means to share my art and photography with others; sort of an online portfolio. The creation of my site began around the same time that Disneyland was celebrating its 50th Anniversary. As Imagineers began sprucing up the park and making improvements that hadn’t been seen there in years, I found myself going much more often and taking more photos. I stumbled upon a few blogs that posted vintage photos of the park and as a result, I started collecting those as well. As an additional way to share those photos with others, I began my blog. That’s when the runaway train left the station. It has been quite a journey since then. Over 5 years of blogging and countless amazing friendships and connections since, I have to say that I have been truly blessed with so many serendipitous moments.” What makes Davelandweb.com worth a closer look is the depth of content and attention to detail. “I’m a nut for details. I have tried to capture almost every angle and attraction of Disneyland park, especially the attractions…

Chase the Brony Cop – Part 2

My early conversations with Chase Hedges were about his “My Little Pony” conference, but his ultimate dream was to get into law enforcement. His career path was altered when he was pulled over on the way home from a friends house. His path to his dream career became much more complicated. Part 2 of 2

Chase the Brony Cop – Part 1

About 4 years ago my wife and daughter volunteered at a local ministry called Manna Market. This ministry receives food from local grocery stores that need to move groceries out for newer ones. The food is perfectly fine, maybe not always at peek freshness, but plenty good! The folks that show up for food are scraping by like a lot of us and deeply appreciative of some free food. Somehow I ended up going with once. Spending Friday nights handing out food, unloading trucks, helping people load food into their cars, didn’t sound like something I wanted to do, but after going a few times I found myself wanting to go every week. I met some great folks like Chase Hedges who I finally struck up a conversation with. Chase was there doing community service for a DUI. Chase was also newly into law enforcement and ended up spending 4 days in the very prison he worked at. Chase also told me about his recent pursuit, putting on a “My Little Pony” conference in Minneapolis that was drawing over 1000 people. This is part 1 of 2.