American dream

I love traveling. I like to go in different countries and to see different cultures.

When I was little my parents used to take me every summer in a different country on a vacation. I have been to Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia. From those tips I have a lot of memories about the monuments I have seen, the food I have tasted and the joy I have felt.

When I started to organize my own tips first on my list was Monte Carlo. Next Paris, Barcelona, Rome , Prague, Amsterdam. I have traveled almost whole Europe but I have never left the continent.

My future dream is to visit USA. I love New York even if I have never been there. I am fascinated by the fast way of living, the streets, the bars, the people that are always in a hurry, the street fashion and of course the modern culture. This year I applied for a visa but did not get an approval. But I don’t let this kind of things discourage me and stand in the way of following my dreams. There is always next year and hopefully one day I would be able to walk across Times Square and take a picture in front of the Statue of Liberty.

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