Around the World


I’d like to go to Europe to see the Eiffel Tower and the Big Ben, to ride a boat and travel in the Venice, to collect fresh milks from Netherlands or maybe have a selfie with the Royal Family. I’d also like to go to America to see the Golden Gate Bridge, to travel from different museum, to see different cultures of White, Black and Latin America. Those are the things I’m looking forward to in the future, to cross around the Earth visiting all those historical and amazing places.

Being a traveler is more than just boarding a plane and go to places because for me, being a traveler is seeking those unknown secrets or darkest secrets of the World that the place or the architecture can tell us. Have you already explored the Amazon River completely? Have you already seen the Israel before or have you witnessed already on how those Great Pyramids where made manually without technology? These are the questions that runs through my mind. These are the questions that can be answered only when both of my naked eye have seen it personally, when my eyes observed every single detail of its artifacts. I also do not just enjoy the place itself but learn on what are the cultures that the people living in it are engaged. I’d like to see more of their dance, to listen more of their songs and to flow with the beat of everything they have.

Being a traveler or backpacker or whatever you called that has a lot of meaning. This is the thing I’m excited to do in the future. I do not want to worry the expenses but rather just focus on the place where I will go no matter what the cost it. Being a traveler may seem expensive, but it is my dream. I believe that there are no hindrance nor barriers that can take my dream away from me. I’d like not just to go to a place but engage myself in the world.

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