childhood dreams


I was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya and lived with my dear parents, as well as my four siblings. I am from a Christian background and was also lucky to attend elementally school as well as secondary education also referred to as the senior school, and pulled through to college level where I acquired a diploma in tourism management. At the age 10, my parents decided to send me to boarding school, following their busy schedule to make the ends meet for our basic requirements as a family. Having this opportunity to join a school, in reality, helped shape my dreams to become a better and useful person to both the society and my family. My parents are hard workers and always pushed us to be at our best in conduct and aim to pursue the dreams that we all had as their children, and I must commend their drive not to give up on me. As a second child in a nuclear family, a lot was expected of me. I focused on being my best, and I always wished to engage in the technological world of engineering. In every growing technology, I hoped to be part of it. But then with the world’s twists and turns, I changed my focus to tourism management, an achievement that I do not regret at all.

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