Colorful revolution

Republic of Macedonia is a county in southeastern Europe. It is a small country but with a complex and fascinating history. Macedonia declared it’s independency in 1991 and now exists as an independent country.

For the last 10 years things are not going well in Macedonia. Always struggling with the bad economy life became hard. My grandparents and parents always say that when Macedonia was a part of Yugoslavia the living condition, democracy and the economy were better and they have a habit saying that are very sorry that I wasn’t born earlier.

Maybe because I was younger  I wasn’t understanding  what are they talking but now I completely do. As a was growing I started to see that people in Macedonia work for 200 Euros a month. I stated to see that kids are dying because the government doesn’t want to pay for their treatments. The health conditions are terrible. Hospitals are empty because 80% of the doctors left Macedonia trying to find a better life.  More and more young people every day leave their country looking for a job because if it almost impossible to get a decent job if you are not supporter of the political party in power.

There is no freedom of speech as one of the fundamental constitutional rights. If you have a different opinion than the majority you will probably by punished. There are hundreds of prisoners stuck in jail for only having the courage to say that things are not good, that we need a change. Change to the political structure, change of the government, change of the  President  who recently pardoned over 50 politicians facing charges.

We the citizens of Macedonia started a revolution. A colorful revolution. We mark the institutions which tried to hide criminal to show the world that we need the ‘wind of change’.  My present dream is to make my country a better place to live. To stop the violation of the fundamental human rights and to be heard. Heard by the world that I love my country and I want to live in it. I want to live together with my family and my friends and not in a foreign country far away just to have an opportunity of a nice job and nice life.

#protest #colorfulrevolution  or in Macedonian #протестирам #шаренареволуција

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