Matt & Noah


This is Matt and his nephew Noah. I met them today at the Coon Rapids Dam in Minnesota while I was out for a bike ride. I asked Matt “What’s on your bucket list?”

I’m going out to ask people what their dreams or wishes are, and if I’m lucky, score an interview with people who have pursued a dream. Everyone has a dream and I’m looking for the stories behind them.

Matt’s dream was to go fishing in Florida. Matt, if you see this, shoot me an email (on the card) and lets connect. My hope is that someone will read your post and grant you your dream. And whether it’s through this post or some other way, I hope your dream comes true. Some of our audio is below, I’ll mix it in with a podcast episode when I relaunch later this year.

For anyone else who wants to share their dream and story, register here and click here for instructions. I hope your dream comes true!


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