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When I started writing, it was a means to an end. I didn’t really want to do it; I was just tired of eating noodles and working at McDonald’s. I got in to writing when a friend asked me to help them write a school paper. They had hit; what I call now – a writers block. Effectively, they had all these ideas in their head, they just couldn’t get them on to paper. It happens to everyone, and happens to me more than I’d like. Over the years though; I’ve kind of figured out how to reduce its downtime on my writing.

My present dream is one that I had shortly after getting in to the art of putting pen to paper – writing a book. I have had so many book ideas over the span of my career, but the one that keeps popping back up and screaming – write me, never seems to go away. I’d love to tell you the idea, but there is no such thing as a writers code. But needless to say, in this time, right now – it’s almost done. ┬áIf you have ever entertained the idea of writing something like a book; you will know it takes years and years of hard, slow, and extremely monotonous work. So much so, that I have quit writing the book more times than I care to mention. I don’t quit because I hate the idea, I quit because unless you have sold your book to a publisher – you don’t get paid for the long hours you put in. Being a husband and a father requires me to put pen to paper for money. I have a duty and responsibility to keep my family fed, so frequently the book got put on hold to make money.

Today, 10 years’ after the initial idea popped in to my head for the book – I’m only a few chapters away from completion. I expect if I put an hour of work in every night for the next few weeks- it will be ready for editing before the end of August. My dream is becoming a reality. Sure, I could have a better dream, or I could have just knuckled down and completed the book years ago. But then my life wouldn’t be what it is today. I have gained so many clients from the work I have completed while not writing the book that I’d hate to lose them now as they have kept my children clothed and fed.

So hopefully, in a few months time I’ll be a famous writer – with a best selling novel. It feels so good to be here right now in 2016 with my dream of a completed book almost a reality.

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    Posted: June 15, 2016 01:49


    I hope that you will come back here and share the book name when its available. I worked on a movie script in my head for 14 years before I started writing it. While it lacks a lot of the dialogue needed, its fully figured out and written, just needs to be enhanced. Regardless of what happens I thoroughly enjoyed the pursuit.