Photography – A dream?


I got my first camera when I was about seven years old. I remember, because I asked my dad specifically to buy a green one.┬áHe had gone over to Germany, to teach some course. He wanted to know, what I would like to have from there. And I don’t know what I felt in that moment, but I had never seen a green camera before. I needed to have one!

It took him considerable time to actually find it. I never knew the tougher part, he just told me it was difficult to find. So I focused more on having it instead, in my hands. A green camera!
It was like a dream come true.
I was always interested in pictures. I was the youngest, so by the time I was born and was growing up, my parents almost had lost the patience to capture the many ‘firsts’ of me. They had already done that twice.

My grandfather enjoyed taking pictures. So did my dad. So whenever my grandmother would see me twisting my arms and my whole body to capture a bird or a squirrel, she’d remember and she would tell me how much I remind her of her late husband. I always smiled and felt nice.
With this entire abruptness going on in my life, I still dream of taking photography up one day, solely to get something out of it. It has always been a hobby, a thing that excites me, turns me up for adventure. But I want it to be more, much more, perhaps; a lifestyle.
And so, I picked it up, once again.

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