Just a Scene from a Show


When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a celebrity. The spotlight that is locked to mine as I groove and make my gestures and actions on the center stage. People are listening to every words I will throw hiding their faces from the cameras and cellphones they are using in taking pictures at me. I’d like arranging schedules for different events in different places. I also like working backstage and behind the scenes of the spectacular shows I am imagining. With this kind of dream, I started to develop different talents in me since I was a kid. I learn how to dance and sing. I watched videos of different actors on how they throw their punchlines more memorable to the viewers. I also watched biographical films of big artists that influenced me and it drives me more of this dream. I am so addicted to this dream when I was a kid to the point that whenever I am walking down streets, I always think that there is a camera focusing at me.


I also imagine when I go to the cities that there is a Talent Manager that will discover me and ask me if I wanted to be a celebrity that is why when I am being alone, I am thinking of answers that I will say to them if ever I encountered that situation. Since I was a kid, all i wanted to do was perform and I’m too innocent to think of money, fame and success but I’m dreaming of it because it is just the passion of my heart. Maybe because I like the affection and the appreciation of the audience as I do my act. This dream will be a part of my life because with this dream, I learned more of what I can do and learned to discover the given talents I have from the inside. As I grow older, this kind of dream is stucked in my puberty age. As I grow older, my point of view in life expands thinking that there are more dreams that I want to fulfill than just being a celebrity. I’ll put the credits, starts to close the curtains ending this dream in my life that I once was started. But it doesn’t just end there, because this dream is recorded in the tape in my mind remembering of how this small dream changes a scene in my life.

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