Fearless Child Wants to Fly


When I was a child I used to watch Cartoons and Super Heroes that can fly. The Human Torch from Fantastic Four, Superman from Justice League, Iron Man from Avengers, you name them all. But there’s this one cartoon character that I really admire when it comes to flying, please don’t judge me by this but I really admire Tweety Bird before haha. Back then, I always find Tweety Bird looks cool when he wags his tiny feathers and flies around. Imagine a small bird with a tiny body that can fly even with his oversized head and feet larger and heavier than his body haha. I remember when there was a plane called “Cessna T-37 Tweet” that was named after Tweety Bird which is used as a Military trainer aircraft, that helps in training the United States Air Force (USAF). As a child, all those Super Heroes and Cartoon Characters that I watched motivated and encouraged me that I can also fly and soar like them.

7 years old, that was my age when my dream of being a Pilot began. Building aircrafts made of pillows, running on the fields while my hands stretched wide, I can feel the breeze, I can feel the air touching my face and my body, It was so awesome it’s like that I am actually flying. I was fearless, I was bold, I was very determined. In my thinking there is nobody who can stop me from pursuing my dream to try many things just to fly. I even try to swing from trees without knowing the hurt or injury I will get if I accidentally let go at the rope. I don’t think of the negative side that may happen for I am very busy and focus for my passion and my dream.

For a little child that haven’t explore a colossal world yet there is so much of a little thinking . Having a positive attitude and a passion for my dream, and every part of it occupying every spaces of my heart and my mind and leaving no room for negativity.

As a man, woman or youth we must have that childlike attitude, we must be fearless, we must block off the negativity, we must focus and let no one stop us from pursuing our dream.

If you want something go get it period.   ~Will Smith

– John

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    Posted: June 15, 2016 01:38


    I too held a fascination with flying as a child, and it even became a part of many dreams that I would have. In every one I would be flying, and no one else can. Everyone is amazed that I can fly, but it is easy for me. I still have this dream today, and its my favorite dream. I'm usually hovering over everyone, perhaps 50-100 feet in the air, and all I have to do is believe that I can. Also, I used to read a book to my kids where a young boy would fly his little airplane right from his bedroom window all over the place! I loved that book, flying is freedom.